Highlights Dashboard – public and internal

Highlights Dashboard is a live Dashboard that shows the live performance of your campus placements to audiences. It is displayed on your website and internally with an average industry analysis of the performance with peers. It also gives an idea of what are the ideal job vacancies which suit the students.

Inbuilt aptitude and technical assessments

We have an inbuilt aptitude assessment platform for students. Students can do technical and non-technical assessments on the platform itself. The questions are provided by the system. Assessment difficulty levels can be chosen by the Candidate, System and Coordinator. The students can also compete on a leaderboard.

Connect with companies

Campuses can request companies to connect and get placement opportunities. Campuses can also negotiate for the CTC based on their requirements. Campuses can restrict the companies that are in the average CTC bracket to reach.

Campus templatized professional portfolio

A Professional portfolio is the digital profile of a candidate that has a better impression than a Resume and CV. We also give a standardized corporate portfolio designed and customized for every campus.

Industry events

We facilitate students to participate in industry-powered events. Where industry leaders meet with the students and interact with them. This platform also helps students to participate in panel discussions, workshops, Webinars, Certifications, Implant Training and Pre-Placement Talks.

Alumni connect

Almost 40% of the campus placement is driven by Direct Alumni of any institution. We facilitate referral programs from alumni of the campus to refer.