Brand your Job vacancies and hire from your own corporate website.

Publish the job vacancies from your corporate website. Get aspiring candidates willing to add value to your business. Protect your job seekers from scammers.

Now hire from your corporate website.

Our smart career page is a most unique feature you can experience for the first time in the industry. Increase your credibility publishing the jobs in your website.

Here is how you can Experience your hiring

Get much more than a usual recruitment platform. Now getting high quality recruitable pool is made easy.


  • Sign up with Jobaskit for first time registration or login to your existing profile.

Create Business Profile

  • Provide information about your business to let the candidates know about your business and gain confidence.
  • Once the information is provided, we verify the input-data and validate your business and enable the hiring process.

Create Job & Internship Vacancies

  • You need to create a proper and clear Job Descriptions to create vacancies.
  • Both job and internship vacancies will be submitted for review to protect the candidate’s interest and company’s brand image.

Integrate Smart Career Page

  • This feature helps companies from hiring from their own corporate website.
  • Install the smart career page API in your website between a header and the footer.
  • Most prescribed URL format (
  • Automate your hiring through your website.

Connect With Campus

  • We have a unique feature where you can connect with Academic Institutions to get the best brains straight from the campuses. You can reach all the institutes in a single click.
  • You can customize the job vacancies according to the campuses you hire from.

Start Hiring Candidates

  • Once the jobs are published in the portal, It is automatically displayed in your website and the portal.
  • You will start receiving the candidates for the job vacancies you have applied for and fill your vacancies with CI verified profile.

We've got what you need!

We are here to help you experience brand new hiring experience. Get the demo explaining how it works.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is different about Jobaskit?

    Jobaskit is a platform that uses Collaborative Intelligence to deliver a high-quality recruitable pool.

    We get candidates who are recommended by their previous employers.

    We verify each recommendation by inbuilt systems.

  • Can I automate my website career page?

    Yes, you can install Jobaskit on your website and automate hiring.

    Smart Career Page feature now comes up with your brand colour-coded buttons.

    You can automate your career page in less than 3 minutes.

  • How does quality recruitable pool help me?

    A high-quality recruitable pool helps any recruiter with choices to have multiple choices to select a candidate for the job.

    It also helps the company to build companies with candidates who align with the company’s foundational values and results driven.