Refund Policy

The customer can opt for a seven-day free trial on the services without any payment. After Entering into the paid services, the customer cannot get a refund. But to protect the customer interest, we also help the customers to cancel the subscription whenever they want.

  • Monthly Subscribers:
    The customers will not get any refund on the amount paid for the monthly subscription. They shall use the service until they have subscribed. The customer shall cancel the subscription before seven days of the service month to opt out and avoid extra charges.
  • Annual Subscribers:
    The Customers who opted for an Annual service can cancel the subscription anytime. The past transactions will be treated as monthly transactions, and Annual subscription discounts will become invalid. The monthly charges of each month completed will be deducted. The costs of the ongoing service month will also be deducted. Then Jobaskit will refund the remaining amount.